Design and page setting

Our team of graphic designers is professional and reliable, with many years’ experience in well-known advertising agencies and publishing companies specialised in educational, financial and medical publishing.
We produce beautiful, clear layout, ready for print. We strive to provide very high-quality first versions of all elements, from typesetting, through design, to artwork, and we carefully select design and artwork styles that will work well together. Our main objective is to prepare the best possible first proofs so that we can save you time on the rest of the project by avoiding the need for complicated page setting corrections. This allows us to focus on text corrections alone… thereby saving you money.
We can also take care of your artwork and picture research needs, from sourcing stock photographs to commissioning specialist artwork, illustrations or cartoons. To read more, click here.
The speed and quality of the work we undertake for our clients are our two chief concerns and we offer an express 24 hour page setting service for projects where time is of the essence. Please note that the speed of our work depends to some extent on the type and state of the original documents you provide, and needs to be discussed in advance with your Add’verb project manager. 

PDFs, colour or black and white proofs are supplied at every stage of the design process: just let us know how you’d like the files to be supplied and we will deliver them accordingly.